Cultural Biathlon – CREDO




Augsburg – Munich – Salzburg – Innsbruck – Bozen – Trient –


Verona – Bologna – Florence – Siena – Montepulciano – Orvieto – Viterbo – Rome




May 2022:


14 concerts, 32 days, 1,200 kilometres. Violinist Franziska Strohmayr cycles from Augsburg to Rome.




She’s doing it again! In July 2019, Franziska Strohmayr cycled from Salzburg to Leipzig. Her purpose was: playing all solo sonatas and partitas by J.S. Bach in seven concerts along the way and proclaim the foundation “Live Music Now” which received all the profits from the concert donations.


This time the public may not only look forward to Bach’s complete work for Violin Solo, but also to twelve Capriccios by Niccolò Paganini. Things can’t get more difficult than that, but the message that Strohmayr is carrying to Rome is so important that it pushes the artist to the limits of her capacities.


Together with hundreds of thousands of believers she postulates access for women to all ordinational functions in the Catholic Church.


Strohmayr: Music is my means of expression and the language in which I want to speak to all concert visitors, dignitaries in the Catholic Church and believers all over the world. As only men can be ordained, a lot of potential is lost to the Catholic Church. I see the great chances that lie in the access to ordinational functions for women. For me personally it’s important to be able to say – without feeling embarrassed – that I’m part of the Catholic believers’ community. For that I wish that women get equal rights instead of being kept out. When this great step has been achieved, I am certainly one in a million who dares to CONFESS to their church. Now is the time in which things can change. I’m aware that this tour is a great venture. The chance that things will change will be the wind that drives me forward during the tour.